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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google – See How to Fix It..

Why my Site Doesn’t Show Up in Google Search Result Pages.?

Is your site not showing up in Google search results?

Are you fed up searching for, “My website isn’t showing up on Google, why is this happening?!”

Today we will solve your problem! And we’ll walk you through how to fix it so you can boost your website’s online rankings and revenue.

First & foremost thing is to check whether your site has been indexed by Google search engine for its exact URL or domain name or not (ex:

But this is not enough after this, there are lot of other issues as well due to which the Sites does not Rank in Search Results

Google play tricks so often & changes it’s algorithm quite frequently, which may prevent your site from showing up in search results or send it back from top pages if it’s already coming. But apart from the algorithm, there are a lot of other things as well which is responsible for low page ranking or non-indexing of the website, Please have a look at them as below

  • Google has not indexed your blog or website yet as it may be new or you had just uploaded it to your domain.
  • You had not done the required on-page optimization work on our website for search engine crawling
  • You had mentioned your website with “no index” tags… It had been done maybe unintentionally but if your website is mentioned with no index then no search engine bot will index it, so pls check the same also and remove that mention asap.
  • The keywords that you had used on your website are very competitive or you have used just used them in broad match category or there may be a case that the keyword that suits your SEO strategy is quite highly competitive then, in that case, you can use some similar phrases instead of broad matching words.
  • Also, there may be a scenario that your website has been penalized and removed from Google due to any of the work done by you or your SEO team which is not ethical due to Google or not done as per the SEO Guidelines (This is a very common error when your site is up & running)

You can check below all the common reasons (in detail) why your site isn’t ranking, and how you can help your self to get it to appear on Google search pages:

1. Google has not indexed your blog or website yet, as it may be new or you had just uploaded it to your domain.

This generally happens when our website is quite new then it may take a week or more for a search engine to update search results because when our website is newly uploaded then it doesn’t have any inbound links.

So my trick in this is that you may upload an “Under Construction” page to it and put some keyword of your interest with 8-10 line of those keyword related content as an introduction So that it may be crawled by Google Bots in the meantime you are making your website pages offline.

But if your website is not new & still not coming SERP pages then you need to check your Google webmaster accounts to solve the issue, Login & check if your sitemap.xml URL is submitted or not, if not or you feel that it’s not updated since long then you can resubmit the same by creating it again & request Google bot to re-crawl your URLs. It may take a week or 2 as there are so many requests so it may not work immediately (especially if you have a new or large site). OR you can also try this link to add your URL to Google:

2. Recently Redesigned or Reconstructed

If you had recently restructured your site or moved to it a new domain or to the SSL Server “https” pages that previously performed well may now rank poorly if any mistake were made by you while executing the move.

3. Your website contains “no index” tags

You can use custom code in .htaccess file or any other way you want to tell search engines not to index your site or specific pages of your website or blog. But if it had been done by mistake from you or your developer then it will be a great cause of non-indexing of your site.

4. Your website isn’t optimized well for search engine crawling

Once your site pages had been designed and loaded with all the relevant content, the next step is to optimize your pages according to all the on-page SEO factors. As when you submit your website to various search engines & their spider will visit your site to crawl it for content. Then they scan your site for all the factors for On-Page SEO.

Therefore, you need to consider all the factors which search engines need to see on your Web pages.

5. Your keyword market is very competitive

There may be the case where the keywords you are using to promote your website are highly competitive and despite doing lot of efforts your site is not gaining the top position of Search engines, this is usually happening because Search Engines have to show the results of billions of websites for the same keywords like for an example if you have a hotel in Manali & you know that there are already thousands oh hotels existing and all of them are promoting their site on the same keywords as you are doing, So it becomes very much difficult for the Search engines to show all of them at the top position.

So to solve this problem we suggest you to Make sure that in the starting you may target some less competitive keywords for your website so that it can gain some position and then at some later stages you can again rearrange some keywords time by time as they gain position on SERP’s.

6. Check if any security / quality issues have been reported on your site.

Security issues can lower your page ranking, or display a warning in the browser or in search results. The Security Issues report should provide guidance on how to fix your manual action.

And if you receive any notification from Google that your site violates our quality guidelines, you can modify the corrupted pages of your site according to Google’s guidelines & then again submit your site for reconsideration.

7. Your website has been removed from Google.

Sometime it may happen that after our many efforts & when we are expecting the top results for our work, Google actually temporarily or permanently removes our site from its index and search results if Google bot believes that we have not met Google’s quality guidelines,

Below mentioned are some of the ways that Google uses to remove your site from search results:

  • Penalized – When your domain or page exists online but can’t be found through the direct search queries then it is called penalizing your site by Google. This penalty can be imposed on your website or domain by Google algorithm or sometimes it can be done manually also by a Google Quality Engineer.
  • Website Sandboxed by Google– When your domain or pages can be seen in Google SERP pages and wasn’t Deindexed or Penalized, but you are noticing sudden traffic decrease then it is known as Sandboxed by google.

You can check all the above-mentioned issues that google have from your website or Domain via Google Tool: Search Console. & after making appropriate changes, resubmit your site to google for reindexing & hopefully your problem would be solved.

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