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Money or Success – What is more important in life..??

What is more important to you a money, a success or enjoyment?

Hi Guys, Today we will discuss a very interesting question of everybody’s life “Is Money more important or Success or just enjoying your life”.

I think this is the question that generally comes into everybody’s mind at one point of time in their life, like its just came into your mind & that’s why you are here 🙂 Okay, So we will sure try to understand this together today that What is actually more important “A Money, A Success or enjoying our life”

Is this making you disturb..???

Okay…. Lets discuss it now, But before starting today’s topic can I ask one question to you all..?? What do you think … Is Money & Success are the same thing..??? or its 2 face of same coin or what is it according to you. Please share your thoughts too in the comment box so that i can know somewhat about you all.

Ok, coming back to our today’s topic Money, success or peace of mind/enjoyment….. I actually think that Money is only the means to achieve our success as you can’t be successful without spending any money in your success journey & you can’t enjoy your life with achieving your focused success & you cant get your peace of mind until you have lot of money with success & enjoying you life.

So if we look at above lines we can say that all these things are inter related with one another.

Along with your hard work you also have to spend a lot or some of the money in your success journey of any field, So in that case we can say that Money is an important object primarily. 

As if you don’t have it then how will you spend but on the other hand, Just having a lot of money also means nothing to any one as if one is busy all the time in earning lot of money then he/she may achieve their kind of success but in that scenario he will not able to enjoy the inner beauty of life, he cannot enjoy his family happiness, his friendly togetherness, his inner Peace of mind & without having all this how can he actually enjoy the life and if he is not enjoying his life then what is that Money & Success means to him….

People like Actors or sportsmen earn a lot of money as appreciation for their work but their success is defined by their blockbusters or their records, and not by the cars and property they buy with that money. Even when rich, if a sportsman is found to be doping, they fall down the staircase of success.

So money and success both are important to enjoy our life and we cannot outweigh the importance of one over the other.

Personally you might prefer money over success or success over money or enjoyment over both of them, but the fact is we can not enjoy our life until we achieve our success & we cannot succeed until we have a good bank balance (Money)

We all can be different on this due to our own ambitions & focus in life but the truth is same weather we believe it or not.

Let me share a short story….

A poor man came home one night & found that 4 strangers were sitting outside his home.

He asked them..”You must be travelers, please come in and have something to eat.” he said to them politely.

“Is your wife home?” they asked.

“No” he replied, “She went in town with my daughter and son.”

“Then we cannot come in till they arrive” the strangers answered simply.

The man was confused but he nonetheless went inside. Evening came and his wife and children returned from town, he told them what happened.

“Tell them we’ve arrived and invite them in” the wife said. The son went out and invited the four strangers in.

“We do not go to a house together” they replied.

“Why is that?” the son asked, curious.

One of the strangers stood up and explained, “Because his name is WEALTH” he said pointing to one of his friends and then the other two, “and their names are SUCCESS and HAPPINESS, and I am LOVE.” Then he added, “now go back and decide which one of us you want in your home.”

The boy went in and told his mom and dad. “How nice, let’s invite SUCCESS so he may bring success in our lives” the dad said.

The mother disagreed, “Let’s invite WEALTH in.”

The daughter voiced her own opinion, “Why not invite HAPPINESS in?”

The son stood in the middle of the house, then he jumped in with his own suggestion. “Wouldn’t be better to invite LOVE?” he said quietly.

“Let us listen to our son and invite LOVE to our home” the father said and told his son to invite love in.

The son once again went out “Which one of you is LOVE? Come with me” he said kindly.

LOVE got up and started walking towards the house, the other three also followed behind. The boy was surprised and asked, “I thought you said only one of you can come in?”

LOVE smiled and replied “If you had invited WEALTH, SUCCESS or HAPPINESS the other three of us would have stayed out. But since you invited LOVE in, we all go. For wherever there is LOVE, there is also WEALTH, SUCCESS, and HAPPINESS.

So we can clearly understand from the above inspiring story that where there is love & care for others these is a success & When you are successful, it is almost a surety that money will flow but money cannot always define success & without having both of them you can’t enjoy the inner essence of life. 

To be successful one needs to work hard and in the right direction to earn a respectable position and fame too with your hard earned money.

Money can be earned in many ways which are morally and ethically incorrect but that would not earn you respect enough to be called successful.

So in nutshell

“One should believe in loving others & earning respect and reputation along with success & enjoying the life being happy as money alone cannot buy your happiness.”

Being satisfied for what you are doing is success. Success can never be counted in terms of money as money is not whole and soul of life.

A Man’s Success is measured by what his family say about him.
Money & accomplishment means nothing if you let your home fail .

“Tony Gaskins”

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