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How do I choose a profitable blogging niche in 2020?

Hey, are you starting a new blog & confused about which Niche to choose ?

Are you not able to choose the profitable Niche for you ?

Do you want your affiliate revenue to pour in even while you are sleeping..???

Then this article is for you, Yes all of the above can happen if you will go through this article carefully & implement at least few of the steps i had mentioned in this article then you will surely end up finalizing your perfect Niche for your new blog & make it a great success…

Let’s Start, First step for a successful blog is “Choosing a Niche”. It is the only crucial step when we want to start blogging as a career, as if you are unable to choose your perfect commercial niche appropriately then there will be very less chance for getting the success of your blog.

Why Commercial Niche is required for our online businesses?

Now this is very important, As you may think that everybody is searching on Motivation, Poetry, Love, Songs etc you that must be your perfect Niche but “NO” It’s not…. As by writing even a long post trails on these topic does not give you any conversion.

People might come to your blog spend some time and just go away…. So are you making your blog for their love stories.?? or their motivation.?? You must be answer NO… Yes you are true as by reading a poetry no one will give you business, you should write on something that can create interest in readers as well as it will give some business to you, Also check that there are enough affiliates available in the market whose links you can provide in your articles and make some money out of it. So Choosing a Commercial Niche for your online business is very important to make business easier and faster. You can write Poetry, Motivational blogs just to have some footfall but not a whole sole Business.

Choose your Niche by keeping in mind that it will :

  • Allow you to concentrate your efforts on a single area of expertise not on multiple Niche. As, in starting you may not get time & ideas to write effectively on multiple topics which may harm your audience’s interest.
  • It help you to connect yourself & your blog with a focused & dedicated approach towards your daily feeds to it for your blog visitors.
  • It helps you in getting a effective list of affiliate options as well as some advertisers or sponsors at the later stages of your blog when it becomes quite popular.
  • It helps you in making your business more searchable on search engines & gives much more visibility on SERP’s.

So Now its clear that we have to choose single & most profitable niche for our blog but everybody has its own interest & idea for blogging.

So I can help you STEP By STEP as per my experience in choosing a perfect Niche for your blog.

First of all please take a notebook & try to answer below-mentioned question to yourself carefully, It will sure help you to choose your Niche today..

Make a list of 3–4 best Niche coming in your mind and do find out answers for the below question yourself……

Q-1 On which of the Niche you can write for the next one year and at least a 15+ posts per month ?

As you have to write for your blogs several times a month and if you dont had any influencing content for your readers then the Niche you had chosen is of no use to you.

Q-2 Are there proper amount of seekers/readers who want to read about your Niche (topic) ?

Now this is really important as you had chosen the best Niche according to your interest but is that Niche creating the interest in readers also or not, If not then this is of what use. Lets say if you had chosen to write on Windows Mobile & if we see the current market trends is very less towards this as everybody is using Android or Ios. So in that case choosing to write on Windows mobiles Niche is not good as you are not having much readers for your blog.

Q-3 How many affiliate programs are available in market for your Niche ?

Yes, this is very very important as you also know that to get successful in blogging or to monetize your blog you need to have the list of highest paying affiliates in your Niche segment & if that was not available then also the niche is not for you.

Q-4 Do you able to make appealing content & leads for this niche?

Why this is important..?? Because its always required to make your content appealing enough to retain your visitor’s interest till the end of your post & if you are not able to make your content that much influential then you might ending up by increasing the bounce rate for your post which is not beneficial for it in terms of SEO.

Q-5 Check how other competitors are doing in your niche & making money or not ?

Keeping an eye on your competitors is the key to beat them proper in competition, Its not always an rivalry intention to defeat your competitors in business arena as in order to achieve success you need to show yourself to be the best & for that you must know that what your other competitors are offering, in which way they are offering. So that you must do something better then them & offer your customers the best of you.


Q-6 For having better idea on profitable Niche in products you can check at popular products on Amazon ?

Yes, this is also an good idea you can opt if you are writing blog on Retail products. Just go to Amazon and see what is trending what peoples are liking the most choose something from them or related to those categories to get the maximum clicks on your Posts/Blogs.

Q-7 Check that you had done proper Keyword Research or not..?

Keyword research is very much essential in any of the online business, from that you will get to know that what people are searching the most & on on which topic you have to write for them.

Now, I think that after this detailed & most required research you must have found out the best conclusion for your Niche to work on…?

If “YES” then just start blasting your blog on that………. And if still you are not able to select your niche then start writing for How to make money online by blogging, How to earn dollars via working form home 🙂 … Just kidding, but these topics are actually having the highest writable as well as searchable frequency online.

Anyways, Coming back to our point I trust that I had helped you in chosen the best Niche for your online business today.

Still if you are unable to find out the perfect Niche for yourself you can any time connect with me for any further help just comment or mail me for the same I will be more than happy to assist you further.

But if you are able to do your proper research on above points, I think you can do very well in your Niche.

Best of Luck for your upcoming blog, Request you to please share your comments on my efforts in helping you on this topic. Thanks….

Saurabh Bhatnagar

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