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How Can I Drive more Traffic To My blog or website?

Hey, Worried about low traffic on your Website..???

Not getting enough organic traffic on your new blog ..???

No Probs, Don’t worry, I will try to help & tell you something on this interesting topic based on my experience today

Many people ask me on my other platforms too that how will they increase organic traffic to their site or blog or website, I had already wrote this article on my previous blog too but unfortunately it was not working now, so i am writing it again

There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website weather its a new or old, I will surely tell you some tips that will help you in getting the good traffic to your site, including several ways to boost site traffic for FREE…

You need to be Indulge Socially :

First & Foremost step is you need to be active on all your Social Media accounts, Just writing a great content and waiting for the organic traffic to come automatically is not at all enough, you have to be proactive in promoting your blog/site. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use various social media platforms to promote your content.

Write meaningful & impressive Headlines :

Headlines are the great reason that we will get the clicks on our article or not. Without a appealing headline, even the most comprehensive article/ post will go unread. We should be able to create the user interest by reading the headlines only, if the headlines are not impressive enough & does not create user interest, it will hardly get any clicks from users & we dont get any traffic to our post.

Not just words : Include Topic Related & Interesting info-graphics or images

No one is interested in just reading the long article containing only text, Our article should should be a mix up of nice & related images, info-graphics & typography also. We should highlight the main points of the paragraph so that one should go to the highlighted points too if he was in hurry and understand the theme of the article.

Enhance your Guest Posting : Invite others on your blog & Write for Others on their blogs.

If your really good at writing then try finding out your interest related blogs who accept guest posting and write unique and knowledgeable post on them related to your niche & it should not be repeated nor copied. Guest Posting is the best way to get huge instant traffic to your blog and also increase your DA. But please pay attention to DA of the blogs on which you are doing posting too as a blog having compromising DA can ruin your DA too.

Invite Others as well to Guest Blog on Your Site : It is a 2-way program. You can invite the fellow good writers to your blog too & in return write on their blogs. Inviting other good content writers can be a winning idea too, they’re likely to share link to their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site.

Internal & External Linking : Link building is the essence.

Like sharing your links & building links via guest posting, we should also emphasize our internal page linking to our other post pages too. Instead of writing a quite long article of more than 2–3000 words we should split the article into 2 and link both of them. I will also help in sending traffic to targeted pages. This not only helps with SEO, but also results in a better, more useful experience for the user

Encourage Email Marketing : Yes Email marketing will help very much in getting traffic to any site or blog.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool, and a successful email blast can sometimes results in a significant increase in your traffic. But one should be quite careful to not bombard people with unwanted & meaning less emails about every single update in your business just to get more & more links. Send emails to the targeted & intended users, Use subscribe button in your site to collect email ids.

Make your site Responsive : Mobile Friendly site are a must Today.

Most latest themes and designing are already responsive in nature but if you still have your traditional design with no responsive coding then you need to update as the days when internet browsing was done exclusively on desktop PCs are long gone. Now everybody is mostly browsing on their mobile and if our site is not mobile friendly then we may lose the major chunk of mobile users.

Make use of Visual Content : (Video Marketing)

Today everybody may get bored of reading long textual content, with the era of lot of video content available they are actually interested in see and listen yourself too. According to one survey the retention of visual material is significantly much higher than it is for textual content.

Go Live & Host Webinars :

Trust me, Everyone loves to interact with others & Hosting webinars and going live is one of the best medium to connect with your audience. What ever you are good at, no matter in which industry you are just conduct 2-3 live sessions a month or 2 to engage more and more audience. But be prepared well with the content you want to share with them as no body wants to waste his time again if you failed the first time so collect knowledgeable content in which you are good at, make slides, E books to share mention your links in them & no one will stop the real organic traffic to you.

Last but not the leastDo proper SEO of your website,

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way to promote your website or blog on Search Engines & this is also the important factor for generating organic huge traffic to your site. If you are at WP you can use various plugins like yoast , All in one seo etc. But if u are developing your site yourself then you can learn basic seo and implement or click here to learn more about SEO.

If Google can’t find your website, then neither will anyone else! as that is the only medium mostly people use to search anything now a days. Today, search engines like Google and Yahoo are the only platforms for online searching, so optimizing your website for search engines should be on a top priority. Make sure to include the targeted keyword or search phrases in the title, headers, image Alt Text etc, upload light pics to your site to maintain speed. And always keep in mind that you are writing for humans, not robots.

At Last, I want to suggests you that you need to hold your expectations, just put your efforts regularly & have patience. There is no magic way to generate millions of traffic over night. However, there are some useful tips that will increase your overall traffic which i had tried to mention above.

There’s a huge amount of information available on internet, but if you take just 50-60% of above tips and use within your website or blog effectively, you will sure see a dramatic change in your daily, weekly and even monthly visitors.

Hope you liked the article Please share your views in comment box about my efforts on this. 🙂

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