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Heart touching Story on Relationship – Parents Vs Inlaws, Must Read…

Where there are relations there must be some problem but to ruin the relations or the problem is in our hands …. Come on let’s have a look at this by this long looking but really a short story, It will definitely change at least a bit of your life…..

Shabina, a young charming girl of just 24 years of age had a love marriage 2 years ago with her childhood friend, Though her parents were not very happy with this marriage, but her brother loves her very much and supported her in every matter and this time also he somehow managed to make his parents agree for Shabina’s marriage & finally the day has come when shabina got tied up with her real soul mate and started living with her husband’s house with her in-laws. But everything in life has its timeframe of excitement and so as love, 

So just after a few months of their marriage, shabina started to realize that she is not very much comfortable with her mother in law as she was quite conservative in nature whereas Shabina was totally opposite to her mother in law & was having very modern lifestyle.  Soon they both started arguing every day due to these differences in their nature. Shabina’s husband tries his level best always to make a tie between both of them but none of them changed their behavior.

Shabina is becoming very aggressive day by day & started to hate her mother in law to an extent that she started to find ways to get freedom from her mother in law forever. So, she called his brother as she loves him very much & discusses almost everything with him always, she finally decides to plan something with him for some nice solution for this problem. Shabina’s brother was a psychologist too by profession so, he listened everything in detail and was not really happy with what all his sister is facing so he tried everything to make a sister understand that it’s always better to cope up with your problems and try to solve them rather than doing something unlawful but shabina was not able to understand anything and stuck only on finding the ways to get rid of her mother in law & give her something like poison, so that she can give it to her mother in law, else she won’t go back to her husband’s home.

So her brother has no options left but he thought something & told her, he may give her poison but if they get caught anyhow… then they both will end up in jail so it’s not a good idea to do. But, Shabina was not listening anything & insisting her brother to just give her poison so finally, her brother gave in & handed over something in a small bottle and told her, “OK” do as u wish but as I don’t want to see you in jail, so do as I guide…. Every day when you give something her to drink just mix only 2 drops of this solution in that due to which she won’t die quickly but will die slowly in few months and people will think that it happened naturally due to her old age illness.

He also advised Shabina that in order to avoid anybody’s attention on her she needs to be very careful from today & will not try to fight or argue at all with your mother in law but instead you have to show that you are a caring person towards her, even if she says something unfavorable to you, you will not be rude or argue with her. Shabina agreed on this in order to get rid of her mother in law soon. So she came back to her in-laws and as advised by her brother, she started mixing the drops in her mother in law’s tea, coffee, water etc, and started behaving very politely all the day.

But as time passes all this had started resulting in something else … like her mother in law’s nature also started to change as shabina seems to be very caring towards her as her daughter due to which her mother in law also started to be affectionate towards her. Five months passed and Shabina had been mixing the drops but neither the Mother in law died nor shabina feels that she like to happen it now as she really created a very nice bonding with her in laws, there were no arguments every day no tauntings, no fights moreover both of them had started praising each other.  

So all of this actually helps in creating the mother and daughter kind of relation among both of them & Now shabina started to get worried due to the drops she is giving to her mother in law, as she doesn’t want her to die now and in reverse, she wanted to spend her rest of life being with her as a mother.

So she just called his brother, told him everything & apologized for what all had happened and also committed that it was her big fault to ask him something like poison but now he wants her brother to please give something which will cure the ill effect of that poison he had given her as she doesn’t want to lose her mother in law now. 

Her brother is really happy to listen to all this and said, Hmmm… Poison…. Which poison? Dear, how can even you think that I will do something to you which may send you in trouble and moreover no brother will see his sister doing something like this so please don’t worry I had never given you any poison in fact it was just a liquid drop to enhance old age problems & improve their immune system as well so that she will get some better health and live happily…. I had just done this keeping in mind that if she will be happy & healthy then she may not argue with you due to problems with her health and your relation with her may improve and now he is very happy that his idea had materialized and all will be happy now at his sister house.

Shabina had tears in her eyes at the end of this conversation and feeling blessed to have a caring brother like him & she thanks him very much from the core of her heart and lived happily thereafter….

Moral of the story:  No one has promised tomorrow

Have a wonderful Life with no regrets!

Make a conscious choice to see the good qualities of the person in relationships, act it out, if necessary. Gradually the time heals all relationships…

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