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Effective Ways to Promote Startup or New Business in 2020

In order to endure and develop into a beneficial organization, each business needs clients & in order to get more clients, each business needs to do various promotional activities offline as well as online.

Prior to the invention of the Internet, doing business promotion was not a tricky task as there were very limited number of choices available, One has to settle its promotion on a flyer, a postcard, or an advertisement in Local magazine or the neighborhood Newspaper.

But today, with the advancement of Digital Media the techniques for promoting your business are overwhelming and just expanding constantly. We have N number of options available today, to name a few we have Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Network Advertising, Video Marketing, Web Directories indexing, Search Engine Optimization, Writing Blogs about your Products and a lot more, better to say that sky is the limit.


So if you are a New Entrepreneur or a Startup & struggling to make sense of which option to utilize and find a good pace for your business, you are not the only one in this, there are lot of other people also.

So today we would like to assist you with exploring the ocean of thoughts out there for the promotion of your Product or Services. Here we have come up with some different ways by which you can grow your business whether you have a huge spending plan or not.

Lets start with some Tips which you can do is total free marketing for your company

  1. First & foremost you have to make some online presence for your company so that you can promote your products or services online.
  2. So, we suggest you create a blog for your company which can be made totally free of cost and without any technical knowledge (Pls Comment if you want us to write a detailed post on How to create a free blog for my company).
  3. After registering your blog choose a good looking template related to your business & list all your product & services with all the details as required by the customer.
  4. You can register a free domain also but it is advisable if you can spend a little on registering a Domain & at least 1 email id on that to just give your free blog a professional look.
  5. Once you had registered your Domain name the next step is to create a professional email id on your domain. You can refer to your Domain company to make an email id on your domain if you don’t know how to create the same, It’s very easy and if still, you want t know then pls let us know in the comment we are very happy to tell you about that too.
  6. Once you have registered your domain, created your blog with all the products & services listed on that, and also made your email ID on your domain, Now you all set to start your online marketing, So the next step is to start promoting your blog on various online promotional platforms.
  7. But running an online promotional campaign is not an easy task we have to be very careful while making well planned online promotion strategies. (Pls comment or mail us if you want us to write a detailed post on how to make effective online promotion campaign for my business)
  8. Now once you have all set with your strategy for promotional campaign start submitting your website URL with all your related keywords in various online Web directories.
  9. Make sure to give all the correct information with your email ID and phone number to get the maximum output from your campaign.
  10. Also, make various social media business pages on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.
  11. Now make a habit of writing a blog on any of your products or services at least twice a week in the starting and share that post on all your social media platforms.


So, by doing the above-mentioned steps carefully you will definitely get good results in a small amount of time.

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